I am Dr Manisha Kamble.

I am a consulting homeopath since last 10 years.

I have worked with a senior intensive specialist from Ruby Hall and K.E.M. Hospital.

At Prana I am going to to take care of the management of sport injuries and sports related problems, under the heading- sports health care

Sportsmen have to deal withs constant stress and pressure to cope up with high level of performance and the risk of injuries and failures. This is turn can effect their self confidence.

Here at Prana we have the advantage to address all forms of sport injuries- acute as well as chronic injuries with the help of two complementary sciences- homoeopathy and yoga.

Athletes need to take care of their injuries not only by means of dulling their pain or reducing the inflammation, but they need a remedial measure that can heal them with minimal surgical intervention and in the shortest time duration.

Homeopathy has the advantage to take care of athletes common medical illnesses which may be hereditary or part of their regular strenuous exertion or stress such as allergies, weakness, hypertension, asthma. Nutritional deficiencies which may have an affect on their concentration, energy level and ultimately on their all over performance will be addressed at Prana.

Life is a race and the ultimate aim of the PRANA center is to allow you to breathe in a harmonious way and feel like a winner in every sphere of your life.