Dr Meenal Sohani is M.D. in homoeopathy and she has done Postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy and counseling. She has been practicing since 1994, for last 19 years. She was an Honorary teaching faculty in Dhondumama Sathe Homeopathic Medical College, Erandavana, Pune Along with treating physical diseases, she treats various emotional problems with Homoepathy. In fact her Thesis for M.D. was about “Study of effect Solanaceae family in treating children (esp.ly the effects of faulty parenting ) She Regularly takes lectures and seminars with case presentations on various homoeopathic subjects for students and practitioners She is a Counsellor and deals in various psychological problems of adults and children. She also gives guidance to parents regarding behavioral problems of children and healthy parenting. Along with teaching homoeopathy in India and out of India, she also takes lectures and workshops on various psychological aspects in various schools, college, educational and industrial organizations. She is the Author of a series of articles in news paper SAKAL- `FAMILY DOCTOR’ on various aspects of diseases and homoeopathic medicines; and regularly writes in Maharashtra times, Sakal, DNA etc. She has participated in a many television shows on Zee T.V., Zee 24 hours, SAAM Marathi several times on topics related to psychology and Homoeopathy. Her unique contribution is A set of four Video C.D.s on “healthy Parenting” in Marathi for the parental guidance and education. Currently she is working on a book on plant families which highlights the importance of knowing the botanical relationship of plants and understanding themes common to botanical families and higher orders which helps in finding the similimum.